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My name's Rob James and I'm working on a new demo which amongst other things is attempting to do some Terrain rendering (oh not not another terrain!) Hopefully this one's a bit different because it's ray-traced in realtime and doesn't need a Hardware 3D card :)

The terrain is based on the HybridMultiTexture code described in the excellent book, 'Textures and Modeling - a Procedural Approach' by perlin, ebert and musgrave. The core of this terrain algorithm is a sequence of weighted calls to the standard Perlin Noise function, which traditionally can be too slow for real-time use. This tiny demo renders a practically infinite terrain via a 128x256 texture which is rendered into a 640x380 window. Both the Perlin Noise function (Noise2) and the HybridMultiFractal Terrain function have been implemented using Intel SIMD (for 4-at-a-time power!) so it will ONLY RUN ON Pentium III class cpus (Celeron II is cool too). Using Intel Compiler 4.5 and hefty use of VTune (both demo's from Intel Site) I have managed to get the code upto 16fps on a PIII-650 and 19fps on a Celeron-750. If there are any SIMD gurus out there that can cast an eye across my initial efforts I would be happy to post the code.

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