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I'm Ohad Eder Pressman from IMR, the image you can see is the outcome of our raytracer 'IMRay'. The raytracer uses exported MAX scenes as it's input (Using Masterboy's .I3D exporter), it's not a sphere/plane/cone based raytracer, it works on polygons. It supports all the standard features you'd expect from a raytracer, you can see them in the shots. Speed-wise it uses 3 important optimizations : Bounding volumes, Ray-Hit-Cache and Shadow-Cache. This shortened the working time on one of my test scenes (Heavy on reflections and shadows) from 10 minutes to 14 seconds, and I haven't added edge-checking to all the caching systems yet.

I'm not sure yet if I'm going to go on with the tracer as it is, I'm thinking of going into a Radiosity or Photon-Map (The "new" method presented at Siggraph2000) based light-map calculator, or perhaps concentrate on high-quality and realistic tracing of a specific effect, haven't decided yet

That's it, comments are welcome :)

Ohad Eder Pressman

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