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Hi, I'm Huynh Dinh Bao Phuong, a Vietnamese. Currently, I'm a graduate Aeronautical student in the National University of Singapore. The screenshots pictured are from my Flight Simulator "OpenSky". That was a product of me and my friend, Tran Thi Quynh Nhu, who is also my classmate.

"OpenSky" was completed nearly 1 year before as our final thesis product when we study in our previous university, HoChiMinh University of Technology. We wrote all the code in OpenSky in Delphi, including the simulation engine and graphics engine. The graphics engine was coded in OpenGL. OpenSky is not just a game but a full flight simulator. Our main task was to try to make OpenSky as "technical" as possible by simulating the airplane as realistically as we can; and of course, make the graphics as good as possible. The models were not constructed by us, but by some friends of mine, who know more about 3D modeling than me.

Some of the features of the OpenSky simulation engine:
  • Simulate fully 3 flying modes: airborne, take-off and landing
  • Provide technical data results after a flight
  • Support aircraft testing and design
  • Weather simulation
  • Some of the features of OpenSky graphic engine:
  • CLOD terrain
  • Particle System
  • Terrain auto-generation based on Perlin's noise
  • OpenSky has entered the final round of the "Vietnamese Intellect" National Software Developer Contest 2003 and currently use unofficialy by our previous Department in an Airplane Design Project. If you're interested in OpenSky, just give me a mail to mach2poly @

    Huynh Dinh Bao Phuong

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