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This is a set of screen shots grabbed from a project I'm working on from the last June. It's a physics simulation framework that implements a brand new algorithm that i developed to simulate the motion of highly viscous fluids on various kind of surfaces and that I named "FRF" (Fluid Redistribution Forecasting).

The FRF algorithm is based on the concept of "hypothetical mass distribution", and makes the program able to determine the shape and position of a tridimensional fluid mass, calculating the modification of its original shape (considered in a static condition of forces) in function of the characteristic of the sliding surface on which it moves. The algorithm is implemented in C++ in an OOP rendering framework that works using OpenGL to generate the realtime output.

The theory behind the specific and related concepts is described in a complete PDF tutorial (in English language) that you can download from my web site. The tutorial comes with UML documentations of the system architecture, and you also can download the full C++ source codes that you can compile both with VC++ 6.0 and VC++ on VS.NET.

To download the PDF tutorial and/or the complete C++ sources, you can visit my web site ( at the following URL:

For any question or discussion please e-mail to: ninjacross at

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