Submitted by Laurent CancÚ, posted on 21 December 2004

Image Description, by Laurent CancÚ

This shows a screenshot of an adventure game I've been working alone in my spare time for one year and an example of a chess game, part of board game series we are finishing. It works with the engine I'm developing for more than two years intended to run even on old cards than recent cards trying to use their own particularities.

The cross platform engine creates a layer between C/C++ to DirectX8, DX9, OpenGL. The engine can render popular graphic effects that are fine to be seen in games, like bump mapping, environnement mapping, fake specular bump mapping, glow, etc and implement high level rendering and processing methods to simplify the use when creating games (physics,methods for lighting and shadows, mesh/texture generator, high level language vertex and pixel shaders)

You can see some released games using the engine on the site

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