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This is a screenshot collection from Dizzlogic´s (our) fresh demo called Imagine. We coded it for a demo contest at Dreamhack which is Swedens biggest demoparty where all the cool coders come once a year to compete in the contests and drink Jolt (n' vodka) until they throw up :)

The top left image is the "jiggly tunnel" and the one next to it is a antimagneticdistortionsomething effect on a cube, works like a more dynamic "spherify" tool in 3d studio. ;)

There are some other cool stuff in it as well such as particle systems, undescribeable mesh-triangle thingee++ and of course my old submission to the flipcode contest called "fog".

A demo will be downloadable at very soon so try it out. This demo was done faster than lightspeed and quick n dirty code in the final version. :)

Demo by Dizzlogic
Code: Mace & Volantiz
Gfx: Jewelaye, miffo & Volantiz
Music: Volantiz

Hope you like it

/Mace, Volantiz

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