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You may remember my old IOTD of "Pong On Steroids". Well, I added more features, more eye candy, multiple balls, more power-ups, more polygons, and a better interface. Still some minor bugs, but it's geting close to being finished. Currently I'm working on a level editor, and cleaning up my code, so I'm not going to post a link to the latest build. Here's some nice screenshots though. The first one is from an older version, but already with ball halo, and lightmapping(the red underneath the ball) The second is one of the latest! Notice the skybox (3D Studio Max rendered) and the reflections of everything. I don't know if this is going to be resized, but the framerate in the upper right corner is 58!

Next is the new interface with cool fonts, and a fully working(finally) menu. The last shot, is when I was testing windowed mode. In a 640x480x32 window, I was getting 85 FPS!

Tim Lyakhovetskiy

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