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I've been experimenting with other things since the NeoTerra screen shot I submitted a while ago... This new project is tentatively called nSpace, and is a very Starfleet-Command "ish" game, with similar focus on tactical combat, etc. I am trying to create an engine that is very cinematic and lends itself to movie-style sequences of phasers searing and torpedoes exploding :)

The image above shows the Defiant and an Enterprise-A class starship taking "chunks" out of a Borg cube. (All intellectual property in this picture is copyright its original owner, and I am in no way going to use the Star Trek-related material for personal profit.

Some of the features at this point include:
  • TnL accelerated VIPM, as ship models are around 20k polygons at their maximum.
  • Dynamic LOD, automatically scaled back triangle count.
  • Fully dynamic lighting on meshes, uses up to the full eight lights in hardware for weapon effects.
  • Easily generated environment/background
  • Designed to be "moddable", so it can easily be changed to other Sci-Fi universes
  • Heavy use of DXTN for ships, using 1024x1024 textures
  • Lightmaps or illumination maps for ships
  • Dynamic damage "scars"
  • Very BASIC AI.
  • Missing features:
  • A HUD :)
  • Autodetection of TnL
  • Sound!!!!
  • Many other things graphicswise...
  • Better AI
  • I've put the demo up for download at my site, and I have compiled a TnL and a non TnL version, though I am targeting polygon-crunching hardware ala GeForces or Radeons. Also, you can run the demo without a DXTN capable card.... but it won't be very pleasing because all ship textures will be corrupted.

    Download the beta at:

    Any feedback is appreciated,
    Jared G. (

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