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This is a screen shot of our 10/20/00 release, Radon 2000. The astute flipCode crowd will probably wonder, "why is he showing us a Tetris clone?". It is actually a re-release of a 1994 windows game that Laura Wollstadt & I wrote for Windows 3.11. At the time, it was hot stuff, and has been a consistent seller for Morgan Systems. The reason we're re-releasing is that it is a demo of our all new on-line credit card processing system and distribution method. And it's a pretty fun Tetris variant. You can choose different block shapes (including ones that change their shape).

You won't believe how much work it is to create a distribution method. It turns out that the difference between writing a really hot piece of software and having a product (i.e. something professional that makes money) is pretty big. You need to have a distribution channel, quality assurance (make sure it runs on all kinds of machines), legal protection, credit card processing, fraud protection, instructions, promotion, customer support, and a web site. Most of this is tricky... and boring. The difference between having a "completed" game and a product is kind of like the difference between a game engine and a game-- you're running at 100fps, it looks beautiful, but you still haven't got something anyone will actually enjoy playing. Except here, you've got something great to play, but can't actually finish/sell it.

I tried to use 3rd party credit card processing, sign with a big time distributor, and distribute shareware/freeware. Finally I gave up and made my own distribution company. I saw some posts on a previous IOTD that others were similarly frustrated. If anyone wants to use our existing distribution infrastructure to handle the legal, credit card, testing, etc. send me an e-mail. I figure that others might have good games (you'd better be making more interesting things than Tetris!), but don't want to deal with all of the business side of things, so I'd be happy to distribute for some fellow flipCoders if there is interest.

Credit for Radon to: Laura Wollstadt, Alison Veneto & Justin Miller.

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