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Here is an image from the Terrain System that I currently am working on. Some features/bugs are:
  • 1. No detail texturing yet. That will be next.
  • 2. Textures are blending at run-time (ala Black&White)
  • 3. Quad-tree culling of data
  • 4. Not really at all optimized yet.
  • 5. Number of base textures used for texture blending is unlimited.
  • 6. Texture caching to get some frame to frame coherence of texture generation.
  • 7. Simple LOD that has a bit of popping. (Crappy)
  • 8. Skybox sky
  • 9. Uses Direct3D
  • Right now it's running around 30-40 fps on a PII-350 with a Voodoo3 3000 with 16MB of RAM at 640x480x16bpp. I will get around to optimizing it soon enough. Right now there are too many texture state changes as well as the fact that I'm not batching my primitives into a vertex buffer.

    If anyone is interested I can always post a demo for download somewhere. I can't guarantee that it will work on many video cards though. I wish Nvidia or 3Dfx or ATI would send me new generation cards. That would be sweet.

    -Dion Picco
    aka: Draigan

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