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Here are some screenshots of something I've been playing around with recently. "Why has goltrpoat been playing with something that looks like a bunch of wet place mats?" you ask. Good question. One that I don't really have an answer for. It *is* rather addictive though, I coded the wireframe version of this thing in about an hour and a half and spent the next four hours playing with it. Anyway. This is a realtime cloth simulator, the patches you're seeing are about 20x20 quads with ~9 tension links per vertex. There are a couple of invisible objects in the scene, namely the ground, and a pretty big sphere that rolls (well.. drags) around the floor. The strange looking perturbations in the bottom two shots are the result of the sphere bumping into the cloth. All of the shots were taken with the cloth suspended by one edge, but it can be suspended by a corner, or a vertex in the middle of the cloth, or anything really. Doesn't have to be suspended to begin with. Surfaces can be made "sticky," i.e. if a surface touches the cloth, it'll drag it around with it. That means that technically I could drape a patch of cloth over a 3d model, turn stickiness off and have it run around with the cloth flapping in the wind. The cloth tears, although I haven't really figured out a good way to display that by means other than wireframe, since unless it displays the individual threads being torn off (which I get automatically in wireframe), it looks pretty fake. Well, that, is about it. Lemme know what you guys think.


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