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Hi there - I'd like to sub this image from a project I am working on - some kind of 3D shoot 'em up not too dissimilar from Starfox/Starfighter - that kind of thing. The main image is from a test version showing the terrain and a test model ship, while the inset image shows the method I plan to use for terrain reflection in the water.

Techie stuff:
  • a.. Terrain generated from greyscale heightmap, and spilt into a desired number of terrain "blocks"
  • b.. Terrain texture generated from 4 landscape textures (grass, rock, and so on...) and detail texturing (not shown here)
  • c.. Quadtree culling on objects registered as static
  • d.. Rendered using DX 8.1
  • e.. Real time bump-mapped reflections using texture rendering and projection (inset)
  • f.. Stencil shadows on objects
  • There are two people so far working on the project (programmer and artist), but the gfx and models shown above was done by myself for testing purposes. I should have more images and demos for download from my website, which is also to follow soon! (

    The project is still at an early stage, so go easy!


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