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This is a screenshot of a small java applet game I recently wrote. All the graphics were taken from screenshots of my Iksar warrior in Everquest. It plays like a standard columns game. The added goal is to complete Slistak's plate armor. At first only leather pieces will fall for each armor slot. When you've successfully connected 3 of the same armor piece together, they disappear, you get points, and Slistak dons the new armor graphic. Progression goes from leather -> chain -> plate.

You can play the game using your browser at

hint: once Slistak is wearing a piece of armor, a new piece of armor of that type will drop in its place. So if Slistak is wearing a chain tunic, the only tunic pieces that will fall will be plate. This also means any old armor piece of a previous type can never be removed, therefore try to elimate all of one armor piece at a time so these 'extra' pieces don't end up costing you valueable space in the late-game.

Trying to get a foot through the industry door,
Brett Harrison

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