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My submission for IOTD is a collection of screenshots from the project I'm currently working on. My company ( - shameless plug) produces real time animation for sprting events, in my case golf. It's not a game, but the engine driving the graphics is very similar in many respects. We have people out on the course who mark the position of the balls as they land (using GPS), and this data is feed back to the animation machine which produces the live graphics feed for the broadcaster.

Anyway, for the geeks among us (myself included), here's a feature list:
  • Uses OpenGL both by preference and also for platform independance.
  • Written in C and C++.
  • Supports both PAL and NTSC broadcast formats.
  • Maintains constant frame rate of ~30fps, but generally runs at nearer 60fps.
  • Has an implementation of ROAM which will render the entire course at 2m resoultion at 50+ fps, but this isn't used because of popping. Instead heightfields are preprocessed for optimal triangulation.
  • Display of ball flights (both ideal and actual), contours on the green, weather.
  • Interactive setup of cameras, flythroughs, trees, logos etc.
  • Weather effects - rain, sky colour, clouds (no lightening yet!).
  • Other stuff which I won't bore you with...
  • Our web page has more info (, and questions, comments or suggestions are always welcome (

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