Submitted by Coda, posted on 25 May 2002

Image Description, by Coda

This image is of a unfinished game that I made when I was in college. I submitted this because I'm trying to motivate myself to tackle it again. Agreed that it is of an entirely overdone subject, but I'm writting this game to motivate myself to start coding again. I lost the orginal code to this game due to a hdd failure, but I thought the graphic I made for it was worth posting. is currently broken due to the same hdd failure but I hope to have that at least semi-functional by the end of May. You can download the full unfinished sirtet game at Some stats...
  • DirectX 7.0 (can you tell how long ago I was in college?)
  • Just Sprite manipulation Direct2D even.
  • Tested on Win98 with standard 3d vid card
  • No sound
  • No startup screen.
  • Not really a game. More of a demo if even that
  • Escape key will get you out of it. The other keys are pretty standard
  • Graphics done in Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro
  • I'm rewritting it so I don't care if this one doesn't work on your machine. The next version will hopefully. Plus it's an unfinished Tetris clone... is it really worth playing? Just look at the graphics and smile. It will make you feel better. Feel free to use them if you desire to do so.

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