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Here are a couple of shots from the initial pre-pre-pre Alpha release of Realm Wars, the first GarageGames Community Project. Realm Wars uses the GarageGames Torque Game Engine (the same engine that powered Tribes 2), and will be a multiplayer fantasy action game. The above shots show off the integrated heightfield and interior rendering engines, as well as the multiplayer functionality. A brief list of Torque engine features:
  • Cross-platform support for Win32, Mac and Linux
  • Quadtree terrain rendering
  • Interior engine with lightmapping
  • Mesh animation and skinning with animation blending
  • UDP-based networking
  • Fairly comprehensive GUI system
  • Built-in OO scripting language similar syntactically to C
  • Mission and terrain editors
  • Particle system
  • Wheeled and flying vehicles
  • You can download the test release version here. Anyone who's interested in working on the project is welcome to get involved.

    - Mark

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