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Nothing original but it's probably more interesting than my landscape engine...

All I did was take the code Jos Stam kindly released:

...implemented his advecting textures idea:

...and added vorticity confinement: get this:

It's tweaked for my PIII-700 where I get 50 FPS. It could probably be made many times faster however by optimizing specifically for power-of-2 grid sizes (especially the FFT computation). Right mouse click pops up a menu.

The particular screen-shot above shows a swirling texture with vorticity visualization enabled, where vorticity is simply the curl of the velocity field. Clockwise circulation is represented by red and counterclockwise by blue. This was made on a 100x100 grid with a 512x512 texture, although the demo uses a hard-coded 64x64 grid with very low resolution textures. A couple of even higher quality screen-shots can be found here: and here:

If anyone has any questions to post, I'll be happy to answer them...

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