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Well, this is a somewhat different screenshot than that which is typically shown at the Image of the Day. This screenshot shows the IDE for my own developed Scripting Language called PumpScript. It's a full featured language which is a mixture of Java and C++ !! It's fully object orientated. You can derive classes from other classes, references to other objects, functions, returns and all that.

It of course also features a Virtual Machine, which is implemented in my own 3DEngine called PumpEngine. However the VirtualMachine can be implemented in every program, not only 3DEngines. I also equipped one of my Windows-Apps with PumpScript for plug-ins, and stuff like that. PumpScript is fairly slow (about 20-30 times slower than compiled C++ code) but you can also declare functions which resist in a DLL (check out the native function declaration in Armor.class), and you can call PumpScript functions from C++. When programming in PumpScript it doesn't matter if you call a function in a DLL or if you call a function which is implemented in PumpScript. Data types are the same as in C++ (int, float, long, unsigned char, unsigned int, etc....). If you program functions in a DLL it also does not make any difference from programming a "normal" DLL. All the details (passing variables and values as parameters from PumpScript to the DLL and the other way round) is all managed by the Virtual Machine. A quite good Garbage Collector frees up allocated memory as soon as it isn't used anymore, so in PumpScript you do not need to free memory (the same as in Java). At the right bottom of the image you see a screenshot of my 3DEngine. The "asteroid" in the middle of the screen is controlled with PumpScript.

Phillip Schuster

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