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Hi Everybody,

I just thought I'd send a pic from the raytracer I've been writing in my spare time.

The image shows depth of field, global illumination, bumpmapping, high dynamic range textures, and image based illumination. The features it currently supports are:
  • Global illumination
  • Anisotropic texture filtering
  • Hierarchical bounding volumes Grid to speed up secondary rays
  • A Vista-Buffer to speed up primary rays
  • Area lights
  • Hemispherical lights
  • Object lights, and triangle mesh can be a light source
  • Bump mapping
  • Texture mapping
  • Specular mapping
  • Environment Mapping
  • High dynamic range image support
  • Motion blur
  • Programmable surface shaders
  • Blurry relfections and refractions
  • Adaptive anti-aliasing
  • 128 bpp portable floatmap output
  • 48 bpp PSD and TIFF support
  • You can find lots more pics at my web site:


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