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This image is several screenshots of the game Gerbera Quarry.

Gerbera Quarry (Quarry for short) is a puzzle game, where you command three tribes of robots. You can command the robots to raise or to lower land (the hex tiles). The goal is to get defined amount of robots to their home nest. The behaviour of the robots depends on their mood. If they are on good mood, they will complete your task quickly, but if they are mad they will start to steal the block the other tribes carry and dig land at random locations. They will get more happy as the player gives them more attention (commands). And if you left them alone they will get sad.

The game was build in two weeks just before Christmas. It was my present to most of my friends. That lead to the fact that I did not have any play testers, so I'm not sure how many people are actually able to play the game :)

This was the first game project where I tried to model the behaviour of the individuals bots. Since humans have the natural instinct to sense the attitude of certain behaviours (you can see if a dog is angry or playful), I wanted to try if it was posible to actually implement such thing as a damage or mood meter (instead of that bar you see in every RTS game) for a game. It was interesting to test it, but since I did not have sufficient time or resources (read, other people to test the stuff) it's a kind of half way process. But that's something I'm going to research in the future.

The game does not have any super cool features, the buzz words could be depthmap shadows and particles :)

The artwork was inspired by our demo (as demo scene demo) called Gerbera. I also modelled everything, so it shows in quality at some points (and lack of variety in the level design). The music loops were made by a friend of mine called Sumo Lounge, rest of the samples has been downloaded from "Free Samples" net sites.

The game can be downloaded at

Mikko "memon" Mononen

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