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  Dealing With HRESULTS
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Here's a little macro and function combo you might find useful when dealing with HRESULTS:

#define Report(function) _Report(__FILE__, __LINE__, #function, function)

HRESULT _Report(const char* szFileName, int nLine, const char* szFunction, HRESULT hResult) { if (FAILED(hResult)) cerr << szFileName << " [" << nLine << "] - FAILED. Result: " << hResult << endl;

return hResult; }

This makes some pretty easy to understand code, for example:

	// Do some AI...

I think this provides a simple, yet effective way of logging errors that may occur. If you want something more versatile, you could try transforming the _Report function to a singleton class, complete with file logging.

Anyways, enjoy!

The zip file viewer built into the Developer Toolbox made use of the zlib library, as well as the zlibdll source additions.


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