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this is a screen shoot of my upcoming texture generator called Syntextic Studio. Its based on an own scripting language, very easy to use, which is compiled and then executed to create the textures. My idea is to release this as freeware, and put some kind of texture database where you can submit your own textures created with the program.

For now the program supports a lot of functions, like noises, stars, twirls, etc.but a lot more functions can be added as plugins, I will release some dll specifications for this issue too. Besides the textures the program can be very usefull to create highmaps for landscapes, just mixing some noise textures you can get very good highmaps.

Ok, thats all for now. I will try to release as soon as posible but I have to add a couple of features first, the problem is that I dont have visual studio right now, I will try to get it today or tomorrow and finish the first version of the program.

Manuel Astudillo.

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