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These are a few screenshots from the game I just developed for my class CS248 (Intro to Computer Graphics) here at Stanford. Currently, the terrain is read in from a 4096x4096 heightmap, however over the next few months, I hope to create handful of algorithms that can randomly create highly realistic looking terrain. The terrain is tessellated in real time using a view dependent LOD algorithm similar to ROAM, and for the moving cameras (ie: cannonball chase cam), geomorphing is used to hide the obnoxious "popping" effect of switching levels of detail. The shadows on the terrain are pre-computed at the start of the game, allowing the shadows to be "baked" into the base terrain texture. This process takes into account the ambient and diffuse components of the sun, which gives the terrain a more organic feel... for example, the terrain in the sunset environment has a redish hue. The cannon models are then lit in real time by an OpenGL light source that has exactly the same properties as that used to pre-light the terrain.

The game renders comfortably at or above 60 frames per second, even when the picture-in-picture effect is activated (allowing you to see two vantage points simultaneously). To see larger screenshots of the game and read a bit more about it, please feel free to check out my site:

-Dan Kroymann

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