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This image was produce by a Path tracer I implemented as part of my Computer Graphics final project at University of Waterloo.

Path tracing, as apposed to usual ray tracing, is physically based i.e. is based on a more physically feasable lighting model. Basically the algorithm finds light transportation paths from the scene light sources to the eye, computing the amount of light travelling the path weighted with the probability of light travelling the particular path.

The path tracer supports a number of features such as:

Global illumination via path tracing, i.e. the light travelling a certain path is affected by the surfaces it hits on the way to the eye.

Soft shadows, soft reflections and soft refractions via stochastic hemisphere sampling.

Metallic and dielectric surfaces as described by Peter Shirley and Michael Ashikhmin in 'An Anisotropic Phong BRDF Model', Computer Graphics Tools.

Depth of field via camera lens simulation.

Mikael Persson

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