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Greetings, here is my IOTD submission. These pictures show my "work-in-progress" in Voxel rendering & manipulation methods.

The first 3 pictures show my heightfield renderer. Nothing really special compared to other voxel-based renderers, except that you can see my LiquidMorph algorithm in action. This algorithm simulates real-time fluid flowing over landscape areas. The first 2 pictures show what happens after I put a "Water ball" on the top of the mountain. LiquidMorph is based on a very basic concept of fluid dynamics, but is quite CPU-intensive (the screenshots here run at 17-18 FPS on my Celeron 433). The drawback of this algorithm is that the flowing process is a bit slow compared to real water flowing, but it is quite suitable for lava flowing. And the good point is that it is not limited to a particular area of the Heightfield, LiquiMorph acts on the whole landscape. So if you dig into the mountain, it can automaticaly initiate a flowing process.

The last picture shows my real-voxel rendering engine, ie 3D-sprite rendering algorithm. It is a basic ray-tracing algorithm, without any optimisation of the voxel data structure, so it is a bit slow (10 FPS at 320x240). But it allows realtime sclupting and painting on the shape.

The heightfield renderer will be used as a basis for my next game, probably a kind of 3D-Worms (where water kills !!). It will be a freeware Delphi Open-Source project, so if you are interested in this project please let me know.

Emmanuel ICART.

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