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This is a screen shot of an interactive 3D car maintenance demo created by ForgeFX for Macromedia. This project is developed with Maya 4, Director 8.5, Flash 5 and delivered through the Shockwave plugin. Maya was used for all of the 3D geometry, animation and texturing. Director was used for all the interactive elements with the 3D models and Flash was used for the interface. In addition to using the standard Maya toolset we took advantage of the Maya RTA which allowed us add the artist to add interactive elements without taking time away from the programmer.

The biggest hurdle in this project was creating a 3D model that showed enough detail while not having so many polys to grind the Shockwave performance to a halt. Macromedia was eager to demonstrate the new anti-aliasing feature which was difficult since this causes a big performance hit as well. To get around this we went with a dynamic anti-aliasing approach, basically turning off anti-aliasing while the model is moving or being interacted with and then turning it on when the model is idle. The project took a programmer and an artist 2 months to complete.

The completed demo is available at - enjoy!

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