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These are some screenshots of my current projects: TRACY & FROOGZ.

TRACY is a 6DOF volume-based realtime rendering engine. Objects are no longer made of polygons, but are instead made of Volume Pixels (voxels). Voxels are the pixels equivalent in 3D. This renderer is not yet hardware-enabled (just because volume rendering extensions are not common on today's 3DHW), so I had to write my own software renderer. The main interesting aspect of voxel objects is that they are not anymore empty: the whole volumetric information of a shape is stored, not only surfacic information. It becomes very easy to modify the geometry in realtime (digging, tunneling, modeling). TRACY supports 16bit rendering mode, perspective correct rendering, unlimited voxel arena size (at some memory cost of course), and a 3D lightmap is stored with the voxel data. This lightmap is permanently computed by a background thread during the rendering. The rendering algorithm is an image-order one, and for this reason is not too much impacted by the object geometry or size. I've coded it using Delphi, and the core rendering loop is still 100% integer-math pascal code (to keep it as much readable as possible). It could surely take advantage of SSE or MMX instruction sets, at the cost of a more specific coding. You can download the full source code and EXE at

FROOGZ is the application of TRACY in a game project. It is a 3D evolution of the LIERO game (a realtime Worms game). It supports splitscreen mode (up to 4 players), a built-in script engine. Each item of the game is scripted, which allows a high extensibility for the game. Objects can be MD2 models (with alphamap) or sprites (multiple view angles). FMOD is being used as a sound engine. This game is still under construction, but you can try a beta version at


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