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Hey flipcoders! This screenshot shows some features of my Galaxy3 project. More info is available at

The top two images show the bunny and fandisk models at full detail. The bottom two images are wireframe versions of the shots above them. The left two horses are full detail (64k tris) and the right two horses are low detail (1500 tris).

The models are standard research models. They were automatically uv-mapped by Galaxy, a normal map was generated, and then they were simplified. No manual tweaking or adjustments of the models were made.

They are lit using a simple cube-map lookup. The lighting model is basically just CubeMap[Normal] per-pixel. The cube map is only 8x8 on each face, and is generated on the CPU by sampling the local lighting environment.

The automatic uv-mapper is the most exciting piece. It's an implementation of LSCM by Bruno Levy, with some modifications. You can get more info on LSCM at

The tech in Galaxy3 is fully functional, but it needs more cleanup and UI work that I just never seem to find the time for. Contact me for more information.

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