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This is one image from my current volumetric raycaster test. My main idea was to create some printable "art" which i could print, and use to replace my current "britney spears"-kind-of wall posters. The program has perlin-kind of noisecloud algorithm and it send rays through it. Each "voxel" is then lit by checking the intensity of material between it and the light source (lights distance matters also of course). The noise algorithm is never sampled. i mean each item is calculted rendertime directly from the algorithm. There is no floats in this software.. everything is done with fixedpoints. (22/10 bits).

The iteration accuracy is VERY high. Original image's size was 7000x7000 pixels. And it took over 8 hours to render with my celeron 400mhz.

The test program itself has been written with c++ and it uses only win32 (no mfc, directx or anything fancy) and it has some trivial things included ... for eg. own xml-parser for world data, and some nice ui things for controlling them.

I rendered a few clouds with this, and now i'm planning to extend some other algorithms as well. Maybe even something sampled, for eg. data from visible human project. Also, i thought adding some coloring data also, 3d textures (algorithms or sampled).

Tuomo Hirvonen

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