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Here is a small attempt of "refraction" on my beginning of software 3d engine. This engine for now features things like that :
  • Flat and gouraud shading
  • Backface culling (of course)
  • Object generation (Cube, torus, etc)
  • Texturing
  • Per-pixel alpha blending
  • Fake refraction (not a texture, real background is used)
  • Environement mapping
  • Etc (in fact all the basic stuff you'll find on a 3d engine)
  • Why software rendering ? Because I don't think putting polygons, even textured, is a cool thing to do at spare time. I don't have pixel shaders enabled 3d video board, and it's far too expensive and not enough standard for now.

    Sorry, you cannot download anything yet, but the demo(s) created with this engine will be GPL'd (Release soon).

    Thanks for watching, you can send comments to

    (Oh, and I'm looking for a job as a software developper (Games, Embedded computers, etc), near Lyon, France. You can find my Resume at )

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