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This picture was taken from the final version of the "Shockbrowser". This is a advanced version of my cg shader browser . It is able to load models from .ASC and .X files and to render them with OpenGL 1.4.

For Cg I'am still using the Toolkit 1.0. I implented some simple shaders already but you are also able to write you own shaders with Cg, import them and let them do the magic at realtime on the previous loaded model.

The project will be open source when I'am done and when I have some webpage up and running where people can download it. It's not done yet and I still look for people who are willing to make some more beta test's.

The project was written in C++/MFC/OpenGL/Cg.

If you have any questions, just feel free to write a mail:


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