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Well, I guess I'll just post the info below, and you guys can post it, should it be worthy =) The image is also attached to the e-mail.

Well, after a year of development (though never steady, sort of a past time hobby), here's a little snippet of my engine I call "Nutty". It's nothing really fancy, though I hope for it to support a wide variety of features in the near future (and fix some of the old ones too =). The shots you see here are from one of my programs called NuttyWorlds. Its sole purpose is to load and play around with objects, which you then save them in .nut format to load in other Nutty engine based apps. This app is my mainstay program demonstrating the nutty engine's features. I have also listed on my website (the link is below) three other demos (rather old ones) I made for fun.

Since I'm in my 2nd year of University, I'm learning some cool stuff that I can apply to the engine to spruce it up (like AI). I also plan on sharing my ideas with the public under my openGL tutorials section, so that's a bonus once I learn more interesting stuff. Feedback, is of course, welcome =)

Here's the link to my website: (it's a local server, might not be all the bells and whistles on speed =)

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