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these are 4 screenshots from the skp3D-engine I've been working on over the last year. It's the engine we use in our project NTT 2103, a 3d-rts-game. For some further information you could have a look at . Some features at the moment are :
  • Support for Q3A .bsp levels
  • ROAM for landscape-rendering
  • Skeletal animations
  • Advanced Particle system
  • Editors for outdoor-areas and buildings in form of self-made Q3-levels, the skysystem, particle-systems, object-physics, etc.
  • .md2, .3ds, .mdl, .obj, .lwo, .ase, .asc, ... files can be loaded
  • ...
  • I still need to put some work into the physics and some sweet things such as occlusion culling and better physics, but it's hopefully going to be finished until december. As to the screenshots, the one in the top left corner shows the first unit in the game. The second one shows the landscape-engine again, but this time without a precalculated color-map. The screenshot in the bottom left corner shows - who might have known it ? - a level from Q3A. At this point, I want to thank the others of the Titan-engine, their source-code helped me pretty much fixing some problems I had. The last screenshot doesn't really have anything to do with the engine, since it was an entry for an 1-week-game-coding-compo where no big engines where allowed to be used, so I had to rewrite all the necessary functions, I just needed another screenshot and didn't want to show something twice. It's an Asteroids clone in 3d, using an octree for visibility determination and collisions, nothing really special.

    CU, Joerg Brauer aka nufan^skp^pb

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