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Picture which I submitted to IOTD gallery contains screen shots of my Soft Body Simulator, from the newest version - 2.0 of it. Method which I developed for Soft Bodies Behavior simulation is rather new and original. I mean that I did not find any similar research work about Soft Bodies.

I work with pressure model of Soft Body. For example a ball with an air inside of it is an example of pressure based soft body. What I really had to do in that simulation was to calculate a pressure for my body, then distribute it into all finite elements of the body.

For pressure calculation I used Clausius-Clapeyron equation, which is known from fundamental thermodynamics physics.

There were some problems during developming of that simulation. Two of them are most important and that are:

- volume of the body calculation
- body - body collision detection & response

For both of them I used simplification. I approximated the soft body by an bounding rotated ellipsoid. It gave me possibility to calculate a volume with a quite resonable accuracy. I also used them to make collisions of the bodies. Collisions work very well for "ball" type of objects only. But volume calculation is quite good for all objects.

Soft Body Simulator 1.0 - a previous version of that software took 2nd place on Programming Contest on Physics Educational Software on my home University of Wroclaw (Poland). Working application of Soft Body (both 1.0 and 2.0 versions) for Windows operating system you can download on my web page.

Graphics and 3d model of the hand presented here are created by inz. Marcin Jarosz especially for Soft Body 2 project. Thank you.

Maciej Matyka

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