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These are some screenshots of "elastic", a demo for evoke2003 held some weeks ago in cologne, germany (it came 4th). On the pictures you can see:
  • volume fog
  • per-pixel NDF shading (see Jan Kautz/Game Programming Gems 3)
  • mesh deformation/morphing
  • simple terrain rendering
  • metaballs (marching cubes algorithm)
  • We created our own 3d engine "SR" which has the following features:
  • highly portable and modular rendering system, very platform independent
  • full rendering sub-system abstraction (rasterizer, texture units, vertex unit, lighting, etc...)
  • importer/exporter system for image formats and 3d scenes
  • OpenGL rendering "driver" (D3D in the works)
  • plug-in based vertex- and fragment shader system
  • DOT3 + DUDV bump mapping
  • cubic environment mapping
  • ...
  • The demo and engine were coded using VC6 and doxygen. For more information go to

    Our group "science" ( is still looking for talented 3d/gfx artists for future game and demo projects.

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