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I like terrain engines alot and have been inspired by the numerous ways people go about generating 3d worlds.

All the engines shown were written with OpenGL, however, the ICD implementation on my ATI Rage Pro doesn't always give me the results I expect. :)

You can find these screenshots at my web site (, plus downloads including the source code which is there for peoples use under the terms of the GNU public license.

There are alot of buzzwords going around in the 3D engine forums such ROAM etc. though I found the ROAM algorithm to be a bit too complicated to implement easily so in the end I settled for a quadtree algorithm. The screenshot on the top left is from my LOD program which utilises a quadtree style algorithm. There is also a link to a paper on the subject at the relevant page on my site. The program could probably do with geomorphing and some other additions.

Two of the other screenshots (top right and bottom left) are from an engine called Caladan. A terrain engine with tiled textures, rolling oceans and some imported ASC objects. :)

The one on the bottom right is another terrain program that I'm working on.

Nicholas Anderson

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