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Here's the latest shot of my 3d modelling software, Clayworks. It shows my custom GUI which uses my own drawing routines under direct draw for blitting. Although it looks quite different from a standard windows app, it runs alongside other applications and makes use of the clipboard and drag n' drop features, rather than running in full screen only.

The gui will soon handle transparency but as I'm clipping the correctly windows rather than drawing them all from back to front, this is a more complicated matter than in some other GUI's. I've come up with a neat solution but it'll take a bit of hacking to get it working :)

The application itself has been in development for quite a while although I haven't released this latest iteration yet. The older DOS version are available from my site ( but the new one is far in advance of this. The modelling tools are quite extensive, including polygonal mesh construction (with 'post-creation' parametric alterations available ala 3dstudio max), splines and metaballs. The selection and manipulation tools include the standard translation, scaling and rotation functions but also include a wide range of more specialized tools for scaling on an axis, rotating around and axis, twisting, shearing, tapering and so on. All of these tools can be combined with copying and extrusion functions which come in really handy for mesh modelling.

Clayworks supports quite a few popular file formats too with a wide range of image and mesh import/export functions. Currently included are lightwave lwo files, 3ds files, md3 quake models, clayworks internal file format and a couple of other slightly more obscure formats. I'm planning on extending this list to include POVray and softimage files amongst others.

Hopefully I'll have a release version available later this year. If you want to encourage me to hurry up, drop me an email at either or

Tim Lewis.

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