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Here's another taste of the next revision of my GUI system. Some of you may remember my last IOTD of the GUI system You can check it out here.

I had made a huge mistake in my initial design, so unfortunately I had to recode most of the underlying structure from scratch. There's a big difference in appearance this time as well. YES it looks like windoze, but it's a familiar interface, and it's easier to debug and get an idea of how things should be work. Anyway feel free to give me feedback.

Features finished
  • Fully customizable menus (top level, and submenu levels) Right now the menus can only go one level deep
  • Window and Control clipping.
  • Textbox
  • Progress bar
  • buttons (the buttons change appearance when clicked and only execute the click code when the user releases the mouse button over the GUI button.. ala win9x)
  • Status bar
  • fully functional console. (parameterized commands, cvars (via set command), etc..)
  • commands in the console can be executed like "command(param1, param2)" or "command param1 param2"
  • resizing and z ordering of windows
  • dynamic background in main window.. you can specify an image or a UDF rendering function
  • proportional fonts, (even a tool to create the textures on the fly) The text is a little fuzzy right now.. It's dude mostly to scaling the texture. This is on my list of things to fix.
  • Each control/window has User Defined Function support for several events as well.

    I'm working on getting the rest of the controls done now.. Also I plan to implement a very basic scripting system for the GUI as well. The scripting system is low priority right now though. I'm also working on getting it running under linux.. this could take a while though. The whole thing is done in C++, and uses classes extensively

    Joe Silver
    Axe Software

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