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This is a screenshot from the game I'm currently developing called Star Torn. It depicts a view from the edge of an asteroid field looking out over a nearby planet.

Star Torn is an RPG Space Sim developed with my own custom OpenGL engine and runs under both Windows and Linux. The objects are shaded using text scripts which are compiled at run time. This way, complex effects can be layered together very simply (like the clouds that rotate independently of the planet), and artists can quickly change and produce effects without any prior knowledge of programming.

The planet halo is simply a ring which uses a colour for the inner ring vertices which is modulated by the position of the sun, and fades to transparent black for the outer ring. The backdrop is actually a dodecahedron which can have textures painted upon any of its sides.

Star Torn still has a way to go before being finished. So now i will utter my shameless plug: I'm looking for some good graphics artists (3D mesh, textures) and possibly another programmer to help finish off the game. If you are interested or have any questions, you can contact me at

You can also find more screenshots, a demo and information at

Richard Norton

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