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AblazeBall is an skillfull game with random generated levels. The game goal is to bring up two big fire balls into an ablaze space in the middle of each level. This could be done by pushing them there.

Because your 'passengers' are not loaded at the beginning and therefore couldn't be moved you first have to give them fire by collecting sparks which you have to hand over to the big balls. This task is complicated by steady increasing water... because fire and water donīt like each other and therefore you should avoid the water as good as possible.

But fortunately you have got the ability of terraforming, and so you have the possibility to build something like an 'marble path' on which you could move your protege in a save way. Further game objects will make your life more comfortable...

Some technical details:
  • Using Fmod for sound and music
  • Hardware-multitexturing
  • Use field of view culling to cut of the stuff which isn't visible
  • Using quadtrees to optimize the field of view culling
  • The terrain could be manipulated by the player (update of the quadtress required...)
  • The balls burning the earth using vertex colors
  • The game speed could be changed using an cheat to create the well known 'slow-motion'-effect
  • Pictures created of animated particles
  • Lightmaps
  • Correct collision detection and response if two balls collide
  • Lens flare effects
  • Using the Intels-Jpg-Library to load in jpg pictures
  • Using the funny lock array function which has no influence on the framerate...
  • Buh, I think that enought for now...
    The game is freeware and could be found at:
    The source-code is also free available!

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