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This image shows my first attempt in 3d-engine creation: It was meant to be Wolfenstein-like, so that there are only orthogonal walls and the worlds are not "real-3D", but everything is on one level.

I wrote it using OpenGL for graphics, DirectX for Keyboard-Input, and Windows-API for the rest of it. The project was started for learning-purposes only, and I stopped it, as I ran into bigger problems... I had been working on it for about 5 weeks.

The engine's "features":
  • OpenGL-Support
  • DirectX-Support
  • Simple Mapformat
  • MD2-Loading+Animation
  • Fire+Explosions
  • Particle-Engine
  • Simple Collision Detection
  • Doors+Switches
  • Minimap+Statusbar
  • Simple Shadows
  • Free Sourcecode
  • So visit my homepage, and have a look at the 3D-Engine-Development-Page...
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