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The screenshots above are from our recently released tech demo, called "Tropical Storm".

Currently, the engine supports the following :
  • Huge Outdoor Levels.
  • Deformable Terrain; Dig trenches, hide in craters made by artillery fire, etc.
  • Dynamic Skeletal Animation System
  • Multiple Levels of Detail for models
  • Advanced Particle System Effects
  • Advanced Menu System (Including windows, text boxes, etc)
  • Direct Input
  • Direct Sound w/ 3d Doppler Effects and Customizable Effects
  • Direct Show for MP3 playability
  • The story is not finalized yet. Basically, it will involve a variety of realistic scenarios over the course of a campaign. Expect to storm beaches, defend against counter-attacks, and lead offensives.

    This tech demo demonstrates what we have been working on for several months. It suffers from a severe case of programmer art and animation. We are currently looking for students to fill the following positions :
  • 2d Texture Artists
  • 2d Model Skinners
  • 3d Modellers (Experience with bones/MilkShape 3d is a plus)
  • Character Animators
  • Sound Technicians
  • Music Composers
  • We are hoping to have a fully playable game for the Student Showcase in January of 2002.

    Justin "BlackScar" Eslinger
    Project Leader/Character Programmer
    Digital Awe -
    (Expect a second and final tech demo within a month or so, which will include killing and playing against mutliple players!)

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