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Let me first apologize for the bad quality of these shots. You might have to turn up the brightness and contrast of you monitor to see something. I'm very sorry.

Now let me explain what these screenshots should be. The left two pictures are the same except that the upper one is solid and the other is wireframe. The same goes for the right two pictures. I'm sorry for the poor wirerfame quality but D3D has some problems with wireframe mode and the downscaling of the screenshots didn't help much either.

Anyway, the left two pictures are from a scene of 500 randomly scattered cubes. Each triangle has an alpha value of 0.1 which means you can detect overdraw up to 10 pixels. As you can see there is lots of overdraw in the scene. The right two pictures are from the exact same scene. Notice there is no overdraw at all. That is because the right pictures are drawn from a perfect visible set (not to be mistaken with a PVS, which is a potential visible set).

The perfect set can be used for lots of neat things and if you would like to know more about this (and these pictures) then read my latest techfile update over here.

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