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Here is a screen-shot of our game engine. Its an OpenGL engine based on an octree-bsp-terrain_LOD technique. The sea cannot be seen in the screenshot but is moving, and so its the sky. Right now is running on a Pentium2 450 with a TNT1 with 16Mb video ram and 128Mb main memory. Its getting between 24.2 and 31.2 fps. The name of the game is Omega2040. We expect to finish the engine with exterior-interior on January. Having beta testing in the same date. And release the game itself around May.

We have a question on how to implement the same engine on Voodoo cards. We plan to have a different executable for those cards. But we wonder if there is an equivalent opengl.lib for those cards. (Thus eliminating unecesary waste of time) And what difference does the initialization of those cards on openGL have.

-John Mustance
-Richard Draxson.
Draxson Enterprises.

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