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The picture above shows two screenshots from my first self-made-3d-game. Yehaw! The first one shows the players spaceship navigating through asteroids. The other one shows the spacship crashing into an asteroid creating a giant isotropic explosion. The game includes a simple collision detection, particles, 3D Meshes (3DS imports), light, bitmap font and don't forget this amazing skybox with twinkling stars :)

I couldn't imagine that i'll write an 3D Game - or better said a Demo - two weeks ago. I never had anything to do with OpenGL. I already had four years experience with Delphi, but more with databases and networks.

Two weeks ago i had found GLScene ( An OpenGL library for Delphi. I know DelphiX, but it was to complicated. GLScene was different. In only 10 minutes you've got great results.

I started a little game. Nothing worse. I thought i could code the Skimmer sequence from Space Quest 1 - The Spinal Frontier. You know - this one where Roger Wilco drives this Skimmer in the desert heading for The Ulence Flats. He must evade the rocks.

I already had the landscape (flat Sprite with an texture), a skybox and an selfmade Skimmer with a cool shadow. But I found an 3D Mesh of an more cool Wing Commander spaceship called Phantom - with texture!!!

I deleted the old one, deleted the landscape and resized the skybox - painted it black. I was in space now. The flying around asteroids replaced the rocks. The goal of the game changed. You must fly welfare through the asteroid field and find the Voyager 2.


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