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I used to be heavily into game and graphics programming back in the early nineties when it was all about mode 13h. I let it slide for a few years in order to concentrate on web programming and Java development.

It's back with a vengeance. I decided to build a simple 2-D shareware game, and this screenshot is the result of my efforts. The game engine is 95% done (I have to program a few more enemies), and I have about 10 out of 30 levels complete.

It's more of a puzzle game than anything else. Different levels have different objectives (such as eat all the pizza, flip all the switches, etc). It's a fairly standard 2-D game. I originally wrote it using DirectX 8, but after I found that it wouldn't work on NT and computers that haven't upgraded, I decided to port it to SDL. SDL is great, in that the renderer will actually use the GDI if no DirectX install is found. It's really reducing the DirectX barrier of entry.

In the end, I plan to self-publish the title. I'm going to sell it on my web site as well as by mail order.

The game is lacking a title, so I was wondering if anyone can suggest one? Also, how much do you think someone would pay for this kind of game? Bear in mind, I'm not making it for the hardcore gamer, but for children or adults or who want to play a puzzle game. I was thinking $20US.

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