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Hi everyone,

I run a 3D Visualization portal site at and have gotten a few e-mails asking what I am doing in Urban Visualization.

I am currently working with the RealSite modeling group in producing a real-time visualization tool for the urban models/terrain that they generate. RealSite allows us to semi-autonomously generate large-scale geospatially accurate urban models, and makes use of either aerial or satellite photography for modeling and texturing. We also have the ability to apply hand-held photography to the extracted buildings for even higher resolution textures.

These models can be saved in a variety of formats, and imported into production tools such as 3D Studio Max, and VRML viewers.

A few partial screen shots from the viewer can be seen above. The upper center picture shows the extent of the models that we can create. This is an overview of downtown Atlanta with a textured terrain. The bottom right shot is a close up view of some of the architecture we can extract. This is an example from the city of Salt Lake, Utah, and shows a spired building in the foreground. The bottom left shot is a capture of a fully textured Atlanta model. The textures in this case came from aerial photography.

The InReality viewer provides the user an intuitive interface to navigate within the environment, and create animated flythrough. The user is also able to perform tasks such as mensuration, and line of sight analysis.

For larger pictures of these sites, along with more detailed models visit the following links. I'll be putting up information about this project along with the other ones I have worked on at my web-site in the next few weeks after I get back from SIGGRAPH.

RealSite/InReality Information:

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