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This is just a simple graphing calculator I wrote to put the compiler I've been working on to use. It will graph functions with one and two parameters. Functions with two parameters are graphed in 3d with either lines or points and can be manipulated with a pretty primitive virtual trackball. Functions can be specified with C syntax or very simple math notation ( f(x,...) = expression ). All the rendering is done in software, so the quality of the lines is a bit poor.

I can't get opengl working on my computer, so right now it uses GDI with device dependent bitmaps. It will try to switch to 32bit color if you're not in it already.

The compiler is still pretty buggy, so if the program bombs, please send me the code that made it crash and I will try to work out what went wrong. More info and the executable can be found at A couple other programs using the compiler can be found at my homepage (


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