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Here is some screen shots from our project called 'JäÂäkäri'. The word jäÂäkäri is in Finnish and means 'Jäger' in german or basically anyone fighting in the infantry, but it is quite hard to translate to English.

Anyway, this game is about Finnish army and is supposed to show realistic Finnish scenerys, which basically means a lots of forests and rural areas.

The main specifications of the engine at this moment are:

- Forests entities with a LOD, and a super-LOD, which makes scenerys appear to have a huge amount of trees in them.

- Procedural roads, with junctions

- Heightmap based LOD landscape engine with Quadtree visibility determination.

- Basic collision detection for objects in the landscape, characters and the land. Means that you can't run through trees and that you can shoot other soldiers.

- 3DSMAX character animation system with animation layers. Ability to link things to characters, such as weapons, helmets, radios, granades etc.

- The normal stuff : particles, fog, day/night

All the screenshots are running at interactive framerates between 30 and 50 frames per second on P3/733/Geforce2 and K7/900/GF2.

The images:

Top left: A scenery with a procedural road and some forest entities. A barn next to the forest.

Top Right: A JäÂäkäri takes a bullet in his back. Lots of blood. Two other soldiers standing further.

Bottom left: A JäÂäkäri standing in the scenery. Super-LOD can been seen, but where :). The soldier is holding a 7.62 RK 62 which is the Finnish version of the russian assault rifle AK47.

Bottom right: First person look of the game, a camp with some tents. A medic is fixing a person who lost his guts.

There is so many things to do in this project so I won't even list them, but our intentions is to do a full scale war game including enemies, vehicles, multiplayer. This project has been under development for about a year. I have been coding it by myself and I have a friend making the 3D-models, so our resources are quite limited, but I think that we have a great job. When I started this project I hadn't heard about FlashPoint and when I heard about it, I was full of expectations, but I got a bit dissapointed with the demo. My idea with this game is that 'War doesn't need one man'.

There is no demo available at this time, it is our current priority to make a playable demo with AI enemies. More pictures will be on the net later when the pages are finished.

The WiredMan development team

Coding : Teemu Ojala
3D graphics : Mikko Monto

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