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hey, i've been a fan of flipcode for a long time now and I thought that I would contribute my own IOTD for once :>

The following screenshot if of a Quake2 level (I dont remember who made it, sorry) converted from the quake2 .bsp format into my own binary format. It was rendered using a simple test program that I whipped up in a few minutes to test the validity of the data. Currently, the fileformat supports triangle strips, multiple textures and texture coordinates. I plan on adding lightmap information soon, and then probobly entity/actor/object information. This will soon be intigrated with my octree based hidden surface removal. If anyone would like a copy of the file format spec or the source code to either the converter or the demo rendering program, just post a reply. Note: Although the fileformat supports multiple textures, I havn't written a texture manager yet so it is only rendered with one texture ("stolen" from Q3A)

Kyle Kestell

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